Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lighted Stilt Walkers

New lighted stilt walker costumes

Our stilt walkers danced the night away in the Historical Gaslamp District with over 4,000 guests from across the U.S.

To see more of our videos go to www.youtube.com/sdspotlightent

San Diego Stilt Walkers
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Entertainment by San Diego Spotlight Entertainment - Weekend events

Here is a few of the events we did this weekend.
(I couldn't get pictures of everything)

Drill Sergeants

Our colorful Drill Sergeants were getting buses loaded to take guests to dinner, cocktails,
and even more of our entertainment on the USS Midway.

Vintage Cigarette Girls

Our Vintage Cigarette Girls were out in full-force all weekend.
We are continually complimented on how sweet, charming, and courteous our girls are.

Safari Park Half Marathon

This gig was a BLAST!
The runners were  stopping to take photos of our percussion cart - The Lost Explorer
(Video is coming soon)

Good News: Zookeeper Willie found the Lost Explorer -
Bad News: our stilt walkers may be lost in the hills somewhere!

Strolling Tables

We had 2 strolling tables out this weekend with repeat customers.

Our Champagne Guy was at a private corporate dinner in Beverly Hills, and our new Glam Rock strolling table was at the beautiful La Costa Resort.
(the staff was so excited to see her again)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Strolling Table Glam Rock

Glam Rock Strolling Table

We had a last minute request for a strolling table, the client loved our Silver Elegance table, but wanted something a bit more Rock.

In two days she turned into - Glam Rock!

 The desserts were absolutely amazing!
 The guests had such a great time checking out the memorabilia under the glass.

Now we need to change her back quick, Silver Elegance goes again this weekend.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strolling Table Silver Elegance

Strolling Tables

 by San Diego Spotlight Entertainment

strolling table living human talented tables

We finally got our Silver Elegance Strolling Table video up!

We haven't spilled a drink!

San Diego Spotlight Entertainment
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Strolling Table - USO Sailor Girl

Strolling Tables

by San Diego Spotlight Entertainment

Our Sailor Girl Strolling Table is a great addition
 to our USO themed entertainment package.
Strolling table living human talented tables 
She goes great with our Cigarette Girls
cigarette girl vintage hollywood candy uso sailor
Don't forget about Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty!
uncle sam stilt liberty statue stiltwalker walker
 San Diego Spotlight Entertainment
San Diego (619) 341-3033
Los Angeles (818) 823-4630

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