Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Fair Table Lady, Strolling Table

My Fair Gala - Theater Gala Event

My Fair "Strolling Table" Lady

The 2014-2015 Theater Season is about to begin and this year the Moonlight Theater will be performing My Fair Lady. They decided to theme their annual gala "My Fair Gala". When they came to us for ideas we knew that Eliza Doolittle had to be at their event. 

Our strolling table had 5 silent auctions items on her table and strolled around mingling with the guest's as they roamed around the cocktail party.

She made a great impact on the event and everyone wanted to take pictures with her.

We currently have over 50 strolling tables available and are always creating new ones. If you don't see a particular theme or color we can create it for you.
(Custom designs can take up to 4 weeks to create)


- tables are 60" wide
- can hold up to 150 pounds
- champagne & beverages can easily be served on carpet, tile, and patios
- lawn parties are not a problem - our tables can stroll on grass
we cast professional entertainers  - it makes a HUGE difference!


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